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Skegby Appreciation Society (SAS !!) was established as an informal group, inspired by Jane Peters, with the specific aim of renovating and preserving the old animal watering troughs on Old Road.

After an informal meeting at the site of the troughs during August 2006, the group decided to progress with the trough restoration but also to widen the scope and include all aspects of historic Skegby.

The ultimate aim is to record and promote historical facts and information relating to the old parish of Skegby; to that aim this website has been created to enable all people with an interest in local history to share that information. The site is dynamic and will be updated as information and pictures become available. The navigation buttons will enable specific topics to be dealt with in more detail and hopefully prevent the site becoming too cluttered.

Please bear in mind that all of the features and properties mentioned in these pages are privately owned and privacy and respect of the owners must be maintained if they are to be visited, viewing must only take place from a public place.

As from 2007 the SAS has a more formal basis with a committee, bank account etc. The aim is still the same but it was soon realised that funds would be needed to achieve our objectives and hence a more formal approach. 


The Skegby Appreciation Society is proud to launch Skegby’s new Heritage Trail on 26th September at an event to be held in St Andrews Parish Hall, on Mansfield Road, Skegby, (opposite Skegby Hall).

The trail is set to be something that the whole community can be proud of highlighting to all the residents of Skegby and to those who visit just what historical points of interest Skegby has to offer.

The event opens at 11am, with a formal opening of the trail at 12 noon when the new Heritage Trail information board will be unveiled. If local residents would like  to be one of the 1st people to experience Skegby’s New Heritage Trail there will be a walk along it with guide from the group who will be able to explain all about the historical points of interest that feature on the trail.  The walk will take about an hour. For those who just want to find out more but don’t wish to participate in the walk, the Parish Hall will be open until 3pm where there will be displays and refreshments available. The group has produced a leaflet to promote the trail, copies of which will be available at the launch.

The Trail has been put together by the Society with the help of funding from Ashfield District Council, the landfill charity WREN from the Landfill Communities Fund, and Nottinghamshire County Council’s Building Better Communities Fund.

The trail represents over two years hard work in its development from the first meeting where the idea evolved. In order to bring the trail to life the Skegby Appreciation Society has had to sort out the drainage problems of the troughs on Old Road before their restoration could begin. The troughs have been cleared and railings erected for safety and preservation. The owners of the properties that feature on the trail have all given their consent for plaques to go on their properties and they have all now been put in place. We would like to thank all of them for allowing us to do this for our community.

The event will also be an opportunity to see how the work has progressed at the historic gardens of Skegby Hall, which features along the trail and are in the process of being restored by Ashfield District Council.

Ian Bunting, chairman of Skegby Appreciation Society said “The Skegby Heritage Trail and the restoration works at Skegby Hall Gardens will benefit residents across Ashfield. The historical information will help raise everyone’s awareness of the local heritage we have to offer on our own doorstep and can be used for educational purposes. With the launch of the trail we hope to bring back a pride in our community and help decrease the antisocial behaviour that has been increasing over the years. So we welcome all of our community to the launch event and hope to give Skegby a trail to be proud of.”